With decades of collective experience on a wide variety of agronomy issues, our field reps understand North Otago’s pastures and how to maximise your land’s potential. 

They also know how much farmers value honest, accurate advice and ongoing support. That’s why they partner with you throughout the production cycle, and offer expert knowledge on how to optimise your farming systems and maximise growing conditions, whatever the weather decides to do. 

With such an in-depth knowledge of the Waitaki region, our agronomists can also recommend the most effective agrichemicals, and suggest appropriate grain and seed treatments and mixes to suit your land. They do it all from an independent standpoint – so you know it’s reliable, consumer-focussed advice.

Sports Team Sponsorship Incentive

By purchasing a Granstar® or Harmony® products from North Otago Pastoral Services between 1 August - 31 December 2019, you will be able to nominate your local North Otago sports team of choice to receive the following sponsorship:

  • $20/1kg of Granstar® 

  • $10/300g of Harmony® (equivalent to 2 x 150g)

Granstar and Harmony are selective herbicides, often used in conjunction with glyphosate to control broadleaf weeds, buttercups or docks. 

But wait there’s more…

In addition the sports team/club that sells the most will also benefit with an extra $250 over and above what is sold as part of the sponsorship programme.

Just complete the form below and either:

  • Post or drop in store to: North Otago Pastoral Services: 3 Usk Street, Oamaru 9400

  • Scan and email to: office@northotagopastoral.co.nz